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Lean for Life Online — based on 40 years experience with our renowned Southern California clinic program — offers an effective, easy-to-use online program that will help you stay focused and motivated as you achieve safe, rapid weight loss results. Your personalized, interactive Lean for Life Online program provides the structure, support and education enjoyed by patients at our 44 Southern California clinics — all in the comfort, privacy and convenience of your home or workplace.

Lean for Life Online will guide you day-by-day, every step of the way, as you progress through 10-week weight loss program. With Lean for Life Online, you can lose 10% or more of your body weight in just 10 weeks. During the last two weeks of your program, you’ll complete a Metabolic Adjustment phase to increase your metabolism for additional weight loss, or to prepare yourself for successful weight maintenance if you’ve achieved your goal weight.

Your Lean for Life Online program features:

  • Informative, interesting daily email messages that are timely and specifically relevant to where you are in your program
  • Daily inspirational audio messages from Cynthia Stamper Graff, Lindora president and author of Lean for Life
  • A fun, easy-to-use interactive food diary to record and calculate your daily food intake
  • Charts and graphs that change daily to reflect your progress and keep you motivated
  • A short daily quiz to reinforce essential program information
  • Access to an extensive online library of questions and answers
  • Access to online videos from Lindora medical experts
  • Access to a support network of other Lean for Life Online members
  • Lean for Life, our best-selling 288-page program workbook
  • Delicious, nutritious Lindora food
  • 50 Fat Burning Indicators
  • "Dr. Stamper’s 6 Essentials for Lifetime Weight Control" a DVD in which Lindora founder Marshall Stamper, M.D. shares his secrets for losing weight — and keeping it off for life!

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